Flicks Cinema - Stonewall

Flicks Cinema Stonewall



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The theatre is located at

319-1st Street East, Stonewall Manitoba

Contact the theatre directly at
(204) 467-8401

This site is not affiliated with Flicks Cinema. It was setup for your enjoyment by an independent third party. If you have any comments on the site send them to us at info@flickscinema.com

Check back often for updated showtimes

Ticket Prices
includes taxes
(subject to change)

Adult $7.50
Student $6.75 age 13-17
Child $5.75 12 and under
Golden age $5.75

Concession Prices
(taxes not included)

Small $1.61
Medium $1.88
Large $3.12
Jumbo $4.10

Drinks - Fountain
Small $1.34
Medium $1.65
Large $1.92
Jumbo $2.59

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